Lord Mark Gowers of Tintinhull.

Global CEO. MD3 Advanced Skincare.


MD3. Where Artisan Skincare and Science come together. Perfectly.


At MD3, we create products with purpose.

Each product is painstakingly crafted to be the best that it can be.

Always designed to out-perform the competition and yield the best results possible.

Our Ethos it to put the emphasis on pure science, not pure marketing.

With over 25 years of formulating some of the best products available to date, we always seek to create more and Innovate.

We don’t make products for anyone else.

We don’t advertise our products. “Word of mouth” is all we’ve ever needed...”

You won’t find us on TV shopping channels, Although most of our products have been featured in Vogue Magazine as “Beauty Must Haves”

(Our lash serum has been featured in Vogue Magazine not once, but twice…)

We are not an MLM or Network Marketing Company.

That means you’ll never pay inflated pricing on our products to pay inflated commissions to third parties.

We believe great skincare shouldn’t cost the earth.

We also recognise that we have a responsibility to the world around us in terms of the environment and Recycling,

So we use glass not plastic bottles when possible and minimise our packaging to make it as recyclable as possible.

We have a simple philosophy: Start simple and keep it simple.

When you combine the best science and technology with the best active ingredients, you get the best products.

If your new to MD3, Welcome! We know you’ll enjoy using our products as much as we love creating them.

MD3. A masterclass in skincare.

Made with Love & Pride in the USA.

All MD3, Beverly Hills & Killer Lashes formulations are registered with the FDA and hold a CPIS number, along with full EU CPNP registration & Compliance.